About Champs or Chumps


The site started in February of 2015 with the goal of trying to determine in a statistical way which sports cities are on top of the sports world, and conversely, which sports cities are suffering the most. Back then, the entire site was just one page with the ranking of all the cities, which updated 4 times a year when the season ended for the big 4 sports leagues.

In the past 9 years, we've not only expanded our original mission of detailing the ups and downs of every city that hosts a major league team (now including MLS), but we've expanded into helpful pages for each individual franchise and league records.

And finally, instead of updating 4 times a year, the site now updates every day and includes the final scores and scoring details of every single game played the prior day. This means all of our pages with records, statistics and streaks are always up to date.


The mission of Champs or Chumps is to take the avalanche of data that exists about sports cities, teams and leagues, and accurately aggregate that information in simple, easy to use pages so that any sports fan can find what they are looking for quickly and trust that it's accurate and up to date.


Dan Birken, editor, has been working on the site since it was founded and spends his time watching sports and trying to find new types of records, streaks and droughts to make pages about.